Ecaterina Andronescu is the new minister of Education. President signs the decree. Firea reveals why Andronescu has accepted the position

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President Klaus Iohannis has signed the decree appointing Ecaterina Andronescu as minister of Education on the day that the interim mandate of minister Rovana Plumb is expiring.

Romania’s President Mr. Klaus Iohannis has signed the decree appointing Mrs Ecaterina Andronescu as minister of National Education on Friday, November 16,” the Presidential Administration informed.

The proposal of Andronescu for the Education portfolio has been made by PM Dancila, however her comeback at the helm of the ministry that she had led before in the past comes as a surprise, especially considering Andronescu’s recent dissidence within the ruling Social Democrat Party.

In August this year, Andronescu was asking for chairman Liviu Dragnea’s resignation, arguing that he should take a step back so that he does not ‘set the country and the party on fire’. Moreover, Andronescu ruled out the possibility of taking over the Education portfolio.

An old member of the PSD, Ecaterina Andronescu, rector of the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, was Education minister during 2000-2003 in the PSD Cabinet, and also from December 2008 toll October 2009 and from July to December 2012.

Another dissident of the PSD, Bucharest mayor Gabriela Firea, says she has an explanation for Andronescu’s sudden twist in accepting the minister position.

More precisely, Firea has stated that Ecaterina Andronescu, a PSD senator, has been promised endorsement to take over the leadership of the Bucharest PSD branch.

Asked to comment why Andronescu has accepted to be part of the Government, which she used to name „the weakest Cabinet the Social Democrats ever had”, Firea replied that Andronescu has been promised the position of Bucharest PSD leader and that Dragnea wants to warn the mayor this way.

It’s her call, I have to say I was a little bit surprised myself. Remember that Mrs. Andronescu was proposed at the Education ministry by the PSD Bucharest organisation, but she was rejected back then and she was also kicked out from the Education committee in the Senate. She told us she felt humiliated. But at this stormy moment Mrs Andronescu has been promised endorsement for the PSD Bucharest leadership and also given the minister position. Mrs. Andronescu was no good for the Education portfolio several months ago, not she is good just to warn Firea,” the mayor pointed out.

Previously in the day, Firea said she is awaiting her sentence during the PSD Executive Committee, adding she knows she will be removed from the helm of the PSD Bucharest and Ilfov branches, for „those at odds with the PSD chairman are beheaded”.

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