Ecaterina Andronescu slams PSD leadership again: It’s unacceptable to climb down from 45% to 25%

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After outstanding social-democrat member, Senator Ecaterina Andronescu, former Education Minister, has called on Tuesday for the resignation of PSD chairman, Liviu Dragnea, on Thursday evening she reiterated her call, asking Dragnea to take a step back and withdraw from the Social Democrat Party’s helm. „It can be a solution of political maturity”, Andronescu told Digi24.

I don’t say that (asking for Dragnea’s resignation) for I hate him, but because at this moment the ruling of the country and the party must be saved.

I saw an opinion poll, if the results are true, PSD has climbed down to 25%. It is not acceptable in one year and a half, to decrease from 45% to 25%. Something has brought us here, or somebody.

Without any doubt PSD has had more performing governments. And not it can make at least three performing governments. We can have a better prime minister” she underlined.

Andronescu says she hasn’t spoken to Liviu Dragnea since March, from the party’s congress, while stressing a debate is needed to punctually discuss the solution to come out from the current situation.

I have assumed what I have done, I think you can have the right to talk about something like any other citizen. The party might also oust me,” she concluded.

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