Eduard Hellvig denounces unprecedented attacks on SRI: There is an interest to destabilise and demonise the service

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The director of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) Eduard Hellvig stated that the last debates in the public space show there is an interest “to destabilise” and “demonise” the service.

“We are witnessing these days a division in the Romanian society, as well as unprecedented attacks against the service,” Hellvig said.

“I noticed that there is the interest in destabilising a strong and serious institution of the Romanian state,” he continued.

“I tell all that SRI has tools validated in time to defend itself and the Romanian citizens,” Hellvig said in Parliament on Wednesday, after more than seven hours of hearings in the committee for SRI control, adding that a weak Romanian Intelligence Service  would mean a Romania disarmed in front of the threats.

“A weak, distabilised intelligences service, would mean a disarmed Romania in front of threats, and this does no good to the Romanian state institutions or Romanians,” the Service Director pointed out, also voicing the hope that these things will stop, for the sake of Romania.

The Romanian intelligence head also criticized that these attacks are based on the fact that the service cannot respond.

At the same time, Hellvig reiterated what he had said before the hearings, namely he denied SRI’s involvement in politics or that it has anything to do with the protests, arguing that in a real democracy it’s essential that secret services should not be omnipresent and all-powerful.

“SRI hasn’t and will not have undercover officers in politics or justice; during my term the SRI will not get involved in any type of power game; during my term the SRI will not organise protests or other street movements, as it has been falsely stated,” Eduard Hellvig underlined.

SRI head asks for the Parliament’s support to adopt new security laws

“I have publicly asked for the Parliament’s support for the adoption of a new law package on national security, as the current form of the regulatory framework cannot cover the legislative blind spots in countering big security challenges that unfortunately we are facing today,” Hellvig argued.

In his turn, the president of the committee for SRI control, Adrian Tutuianu, talked about the need of such demarche.

President Iohannis has recently warned that 12 laws on national security need to be improved, with half of them being related to the intelligence services.

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