Education minister denies he has been Securitate informer

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Education Minister Mircea Dumitru on Tuesday rejected the information on his collaboration with Securitate, the former communist secret police. The minister argues he has a certificate from the National Council For the Study of the Securitate Archives (CNSAS) in this respect.

“I have no file for I haven’t collaborated with the Securitate and I also have a CNSAS certificate in this respect, obtained many years ago. I was checked following a journalist’s request, then I was checked for my own university had asked for a certificate when I had run for the chancellor and vice-chancellor positions. So, there is a CNSAS certificate that very clearly says that I haven’t been Securitate collaborator,” minister Dumitru said.

His reaction comes after the media reported that there is a file of collaboration with the former communist secret police on Mircea Dumitru’s name.

EVZ newspaper claims that documents reveal that Mircea Dumitru had been recruited by the State Security Department in 1981 and discharged in 1989.

The above-mentioned source claims that the document has 11 pages disclosing an informer file, a commitment and two informative notes.

Mircea Dumitru was student with the Philosophy Faculty in Bucharest in 1980.

According to EVZ, the fact that there was nine-year continuous collaboration with the Securitate points to a prolific relationship. The paper says that normally, Securitate used to abandon his informers, the sources who didn’t provide enough informative notes, after one year or two.

“According to the law, all members of the government are being checked. In the end, we only gave the decision if they practiced the political police or not,” CNSAS member Florian Bichir told Mediafax.

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