Electoral campaign for local elections kicks off

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The electoral campaign for the local elections (to be held in one round on June 5) kicks off on Friday. As a first, the electoral rules ban the big-size outdoor posting as well as electoral gifts such as scarves, coats, caps, clutch pencils or buckets.

The law on the electoral campaign forbids the political contenders to use banners, mesh, advertising billboards, flags, or screens, light advertising or advertising on cars.

The candidates are allowed to use 500mmx350mm banners, audio and video electoral materials, online electoral materials, booklets and other printed materials. 159 TV channels and 120 radio stations will reflect the electoral campaign.

Non-observance of these stipulations represent contravention, with the fine ranging from RON 10,000 to RON 25,000.

The electoral contenders are banned to give pencils, cups, watches, t-shirts, coats, capes, hats, scarves, bags, umbrellas, buckets, cigarette lighters, matches, foodstuff, alcoholic drinks, cigarettes.

The candidates, political parties and alliances have the right to express their opinions through meetings, gatherings and on radio, TV in the printed press and other mass media.

Candidates can meet their voters in special places located at the city halls’ HQs, in schools, universities, community centres and cinemas. Yet, electoral actions are forbidden in military units as well as in schools and universities during classes.

Regarding donations, the maximum sum of money consigned in the central bank account is RON 2.2 M. The funds obtained outside the campaign that are transferred in the campaign’s bank account must be declared at the Permanent Electoral Authority and can be used only after they had been declared.

Donations can be received only from physical persons and cannot exceed RON 210,000.

No state budget grants can be used. Authorities, institutions, national companies, trade unions, religious cults, foreign associations or foundations cannot finance the electoral campaign. Physical or legal persons who don’t have Romanian citizenship cannot finance the campaign.

The campaign for local elections for TV and radio stations starts on Friday, May 6 and ends on June 3, at 7 a.m.

12 candidates will run for Bucharest city hall and 588 for municipal councillors’ offices.

The candidates for mayor are Bogdan Diaconu (United Romania Party, PRU), Gabriela Firea (Alliance of Social Democrat Party, PSD and UNPR), Catalin Predoiu (National Liberal Party, PNL), Robert Turcescu (People’s Movement Party, PMP), Daniel Barbu (Romania’s Alliance of Democrats and Liberals, ALDE), Nicusor Dan (Uniunea Salvati Bucurestiul, USB), Iulia Gorea-Costin (Christian-Democrat National Peasants Party, PNTCD), Mirel Amaritei (ProDemo), Niculae Neamtu (Republican Party), Petrica Dima (Romanian Socialist Party, PSR), Adrian Severin (Social Justice Party, PDS), and Catalin Berenghi (independent).

For the Bucharest General Council ALDE lines up 69 candidates, PDS — 69, PMP — 69, the Romanian Green Party PER — 37, PNTCD — 6, Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania UDMR — 65, USB — 69, PRU — 69, PNL — 66, the alliance of PSD and UNPR — 69.

Late on Thursday, President Klaus Iohannis convened a press conference at Cotroceni Palace on Thursday evening to deliver a message to the candidates in the local elections. He asked them to conduct a clean campaign and to focus on projects instead of scandals. The Romanian head of state also urged the administrations to do their job and organise the June ballot impeccably.

On Friday, PM Dacian Ciolos also called on voters to approache the local elections “with the highest responsibility”, to elect cnadidates that they really trust and to give them legitimacy to talk to the Government and to the investors about development projects, arguing that “a community’s development is not accomplished only with money from the Government, but also with investments.”


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