Electoral campaign: PMP also distributes calendars in Arges County – countless copies with Adam and Eve

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It’s not only PSD handing Orthodox calendars to the electorate in Arges County. PMP has also distributed calendars with Adam and Eve and the PMP logo, pointing also to the 7th position on the voting bulletins for the general elections on December 11.

PMP Arges leader Catalin Bulf claims the Romanian Orthodox Church is not the master of holidays. “This is not an icon, it is a painting. PSD is uneducated, we are fine guys, this should be clear!” he commented, gandul.info reports.

“In my calendars is not written Christian, orthodox, there’s no cross, no icon. The holidays do not belong to the church, they belong to the citizens. It reads Calendar – 2017 holidays. It includes a painting. PSD has distributed the calendars to the churches, to the priests. The Romanian Orthodox Church will not sue PSD as among the priests there is a senior PSD member. We only tried to provide more information. We have distributed countless copies on communes. We have observed the law. We’ve always distributed calendars,” Catalin Bulf said.

Thousands of Arges County citizens have received from the representatives of the Social-Democratic Party (PSD) Christian-Orthodox calendars. Under the picture of Virgin Mary with Child it is placed the PSD logo. The 2017 calendar is also a greeting card:  ‘PSD Arges wishes you a Happy New Year!’ is the message from the Arges County Social Democrats.


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