Elena Udrea to run as independent in general elections

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MP Elena Udrea, former Regional Development and Tourism Minister, former presidential adviser, has announced on Wednesday, while at the Supreme Court, that she will run in the general elections this autumn, claiming “someone to defend people’s rights is needed”, adding that she would like to become the head of the SRI committee in parliament and that roads split in regard to collaboration with former President Traian Basescu.

“I am going to run as independent in December elections. The political class represent the society, it is voted by the citizens. Someone to defend the people’s rights is needed. The fact that politicians and businessmen are accused and taken by DNA does not mean something good is going on in this country. (…) I would aim a seat with the SRI control committee, maybe even chair of the committee,” Udrea said.

Udrea added she does not want to hurt PMP and that she did not consult former President Traian Basescu. “As of this moment, our roads split,” she said.

Former Regional Development and Tourism Minister, former presidential adviser and incumbent MP Elena Udrea said in September she will attend the courses of a Master in Pastoral Counselling and psycho-social assistance at the Babes Bolyai University (Cluj), saying she wants to set up an Institute of Happiness, in order to help people for free to solve their problems with the support of religion.

At the time, some two weeks ago, Elena Udrea said she would not to run in general elections, but says she will help the country by dedicating herself to this religious project.

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