Embassy of Netherlands also voices concern about justice laws amendments

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The Embassy of Netherlands in Bucharest has informed on Friday that it follows the public debate on the proposals made to amend the justice laws, the legal procedures and the results of the debates.

“The Embassy has taken notice also of the statement made by the European Commission Representation in Romania, and that the European Commission is the one managing the assessment of the progress made by Romania in the field of justice, through the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism,” the diplomatic mission informed in a release, according to antena3.ro.

The Representation of the European Commission to Romania voiced concern on Thursday over the amendments announced by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader. “We are concerned of the way the proposals to amend the law justice, announced on August 23, might affect the independence of the justice if these amendments were in the draft laws and were enforced,” said Angela Cristea Filote, head of the EC Representation to Romania.

She also stated she is surprised of the media reports saying the amendments would have been debated and even endorsed by the European Commission.

The head of the EC Representation pointed out that the latest CVM report, released on January 25 this year, has acknowledged the progress made by the prosecutors and judges in Romania in the fight against top-level corruption, as well as the fact that they represent a proof of the independence and of the professionalism of the judiciary institutions. At the same time, Cristea added that the report has clearly underlined that any actions undermining this progress or that have as consequence the dilution or minimization of defining corruption as crime will impact on the future assessments.

In its turn, Germany’s Embassy to Romania sounded the alarm on this topic, two days after the US Embassy in Bucharest released a similar message.


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