EP asks the Romanian state to find out the truth about the victims of the 1989 Revolution


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The European Parliament has adopted Thursday the resolution on the commemoration of 30 years since the Romanian anti-communist revolution from 1989.

The resolution, jointly submitted by four political groups in the EP, comprising all those 32 Romanian MEPs, has passed by 513 votes to 18 and 87 abstentions.

The text of the resolution is paying homage to all the victims of the 1989 Romanian Revolution, while acknowledging the sacrifice of the peaceful protesters that paved the way to democracy, rule of law and the market economy, as well as to Romania’s accession to EU and NATO.

At the same time, the European Parliament is asking the Romanian state to intensify efforts “efforts to clarify the truth in relation to the events of the revolution, an absolute necessity for the country, the Romanian people, Europe and the European Union, in light of the right of the Romanian people to learn the truth, 30 years on from the revolution of December 1989″.

MEPs argued that “no act of military aggression against one’s own people should remain unpunished“.

The resolution also notes that “the Romanian revolution represented the transition of the Romanian people towards freedom and the rule of law, which tragically resulted in the loss of 1 142 lives, 3 138 people being gravely injured, and over 760 individuals being illegally detained and tortured” and also that “the Romanian revolution of December 1989 was the most violent of all the uprisings leading to the fall of communism in the states behind the Iron Curtain”.

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