EP President David Sassoli confirms suspension of Rovana Plumb’s bid for the Commissioner seat

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The European Parliament’s JURI Committee has officially informed the leadership of the Parliament in Brussels that the Romanian candidate for the position of Transports Commissioner would be in a conflict of interest situation, arguing there are serious doubts that she can still be appointed as EU Commissioner.

JURI Committee has heard Plumb yesterday, deciding by a large majority that she is in a conflict of interest and therefore she cannot take the European Commissioner seat.

The JURI committee leader, Lucy Nethsingha, argued in the letter sent to Sassoli, that their doubts are based on the suspicions over a loan received by Rovana Plumb from a physical person operating as a tourist operator. The committee chairwoman also argued that, based on the information the committee has received, it is not clear how this loan can be reimbursed, “in an open and transparent way”.

“Therefore, the JURI Committee considers that at this point and until the conflict of interest is solved, there is a serious doubt on whether the commissioner-designate Rovana Plumb can exert her position as Transports Commissioner. The legal committee is also concerned about the problems related to the repayment of an overdue loan that might also represent a potential conflict of interest as compared with other portfolios.

I would be very grateful if you could inform the EC President-elect on the stages she intends to take to solve this conflict of interest“, says Nethsingha’s letter.

In retort, the EP President David Sassoli has sent a reply letter to the chairman of the JURI Committee, Lucy Nethsingha, confirming that the commissioner-designate Rovana Plumb is suspended, while asking the European body to name the precise actions recommended in this situation.

The EP president added that, in case that the committee’s conclusion that Rovana Plumb cannot exert her position as Commissioner, in compliance with the EU treaties and Code of Conduct, then he will discuss with the European Commission’s President-elect, Ursula von der Leyen “in order to review the additional actions she intends to take”. Sassoli also said that he would like to have the JURI Committee’s recommendations or conclusions by midday on Monday, September 30.

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