EP President voices support for MEP Cristian Preda, accused by the ruling power of ‘denigrating’ Romania

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The president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, has sent a message in support of the Romanian MEP Cristian Preda, whom the ruling power in Bucharest is accusing of ‘denigrating Romania and of neglecting the national interest’, after he had repeatedly slammed the Social Democrat governments in the European Parliament. A denunciation on such charges has been recently filed against Preda.

The European Parliament stands by Cristian Preda: a well-respected colleague, a dedicated European and a Romanian patriot. The rule of law in Romania must be upheld: attempts to intimidate him and/or sully his reputation are unacceptable,” the EP President has twitted on Thursday.

The Honorary Council of the “Star of Romania” Order has summoned Preda for hearings on Wednesday, in an attempt to strip him of this distinction that has been granted to Preda in 2009.

The persecution has started. As I have criticized Grindeanu and Tudose governments in the EP, I am summoned before the Honorary Council of the “Star of Romania” Order, to retort to a denunciation that is resuming PSD-ALDE accusations, according to which I have denigrated the country. The following people will judge me: Gabriela Firea, Ecaterina Andronescu, doctorul Şerban Brădişteanu (yes, the one who has been convicted!) Mircea Geoană, former SRI director Costin Georgescu and general Degeratu. The council is chaired by the former president of the Romanian Academy, Ionel Haiduc”, Cristian Preda posted on Facebook.

He pointed out that the denunciation is referring to the criticism made by him against the Grindeanu and Tudose governments, stressing that the way in which the charges are stated is „ambiguous and threatening”.

Although Preda has asked for his hearing to be public, his request has been denied.

After the hearing, Preda informed that Firea, Andronescu, Brădişteanu and Geoană had missed the sitting.

The four Social Democrats in the honorary council-Firea, Andronescu, Brâdişteanu and Geoană – have played truant. They will vote later on, no one knows when! I let them my statement where I explain that accusations are groundless and they despise the basic principles of a free society,” Preda said.

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