EPP President Joseph Daul: The PSD-ALDE actions are incompatible with European treaties


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The President of the European People’s Party (EPP) Joseph Daul has said on Friday that the PSD-ALDE actions regarding the judiciary in Romania are incompatible with the rule of law and with European treaties. Daul urges the Government to consider the Venice Commission recommendations.

“The PSD-ALDE actions in regard to the judicial system are incompatible with the rule of law, are incompatible with the European treaties and stand against the interests of millions of honest Romanians. It is unbelievable that a governing majority in a European Union Member State, holding the presidency of the Council of the European Union, continues to frequently violate the European rules and norms. During the Romanian presidency of the Council of the EU, the Romanian Government should have been an example of observing the European values, but, from the very first day, did not do that,” Joseph Daul said after the Chamber of Deputies voted to amend the Criminal Codes on Wednesday.

The EPP leader says the ruling coalition’s actions affect Romania’s fight against corruption and the good functioning of the judiciary, ziare.com informs.

One again, the coalition led by socialists (PSD-ALDE) has shown its true face. It is discouraging to see that a ruling coalition of a EU Member State amend the Criminal Code in order to be sure that their leader and other politicians avoid responsibility for their mistakes, Joseph Daul further said.

The EPP President added that such a behavior of the PSD-ALDE coalition is not pro-European and it not worthy for a governing alliance. Such actions affect the anti-corruption effort in Romania and the good functioning of the judicial system on the whole. Even worse, the successful reforms carried out by Romania after joining the European Union are currently questioned by the current governing coalition.

Joseph Daul has urged the Romanian Government to observe the recommendations from the Venice Commission and from the European Commission.

“I urge the Romanian Government to immediately make the necessary steps to enforce the recommendations of the Venice Commission, as well as the recommendations from the European Commission. An independent justice system is not luxury and is not built so that only some have benefits, it is a necessity for a functional democracy and should serve every Romanian,” Joseph Daul said.

On the other hand, the EPP leader has congratulated President Klaus Iohannis for the referendum on justice issues.

Given the serious situation, the EPP leader said, I congratulate President Klaus Iohannis for his efforts and the initiative to organize a referendum regarding the development of the judicial system in Romania.

The Chamber of Deputies adopted on Wednesday, as decision-making body, the amendments to the Criminal Code and to the Criminal Procedure Code.

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