EPP Secretary General Antonio Lopez Isturiz-White on a USR-PLUS alliance: I believe it is a bit of opportunism

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The European People’s Party (EPP) Secretary General Antonio Lopez Isturiz-White has said on Monday, referring to a possible alliance between PLUS and USR for the European elections, that it is about a bit of opportunism.

“I believe it is about a bit of opportunism. I am aware of the European commitment some politicians have, however one needs to be attached to the principles of an European party to change the things. What is the commitment when you run as head of the list for European elections? This is what has been announced. Then you want to run for presidency? What is the European commitment? I don’t understand,” the EPP Secetary General said on Monday. He had been asked about a possible alliance between the Save Romania Union (USR) and PLUS, the party led by former PM Dacian Ciolos, for the European elections, hotnews.ro reports.

He denies such an alliance would trouble PNL.

The EPP official took part on Monday to the PNL National Politic Bureau organized at the Parliament Palace.

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