EPP spokesperson, Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan officially joins PNL

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MEP Siegfried Muresan, has officially announced on Monday he is moving from PMP (the party set up by former president Traian Basescu) to the National Liberal Party (PNL), arguing “a stronger PNL is needed” “to remove PSD from ruling”.

The Romanian MEP is also EPP spokesperson and has been appointed the European Parliament’s chief negotiator for the EU budget.

In June last year, PMP proposed him for the PM position during the consultations with President Iohannis after the Grindeanu Cabinet had been toppled down.

I decided to join the National Liberal Party. PNL is the main center-right wing party in Romania, the main opponent of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the main party member of the European Popular Party (EPP) from Romania.

To remove PSD from ruling, we need PNL to be as stronger as possible. We’ll offer citizens all reasons to vote for PNL at the upcoming elections. The goal is clear: winning elections for the EP and removing PSD from ruling.

My work in the European Parliament has brought concrete results for the Romanians. I am the first Romanian MEP who has been elected chief negotiator of the EP for the EU budget, worth EUR 160 billion and I have drafted 8 reports as rapporteur of the EP and 29 as EPP rapporteur (…) PSD has proved its incompetence in such fields as economy, justice, healthcare, education, foreign policy. Every single day that PSD, led by criminal Liviu Dragnea, stays in power, is a bad day for Romania,” Muresan posted on Facebook.

Three days ago, the media reported that Siegfried Mureşan, MEP elected to the People’s Movement Party’s lists, is to move to PNL.

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