EU Commissioner for Justice: Bulgaria and Romania on right track and not any worse than other Member States

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EU Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Věra Jourová stated that according to the latest EC report on the systems of justice within the community, Bulgaria and Romania are on right track in the sphere and they are not worse than the other member-states.

The report’s segment, tackling Bulgaria, expects more reforms and a better judicial response in the fight against organized crime and money laundering, as well as more effective actions against corruption, the EU commissioner further said, informs.

Jurova said that during all of her mandate she has always wanted to make CVM as concrete as possible, and make it “like milestones for Bulgaria and Romania so that they know exactly what to do, what the Commission wants them to do and by when”.

“We were quite clear and concrete in the last CVM reports that we want to receive tangible and sustainable results and that the countries are going in the right direction. But we need sustainable results on the ground,” she said.

The EC has presented on Monday its assessment of the efficiency, quality and independence of the systems of justice within the separate EU member-states. It is reported that the longevity of civil and commercial trials across the union has been declining, including states with challenging systems of justice.



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