Eugen Teodorovici to take over the Vice-Premier position

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Prime Minister Viorica Dancila announced that the PSD Executive Committee has decided on Friday to propose Eugen Teodorovici as interim Vice-Premier, to replace Viorel Stefan, who takes over the position of member of the European Court of Auditors as of July 1.

“About the position to become vacant as of July 1, of interim Vice-Premier, following the departure of Viorel Stefan to the European Court of Auditors. We need to be sure of the interim position until mid-July, when we’ll conduct an assessment of the ministries, on the fulfillment of the governing programme for each ministry and we will have proposals for the two positions of Vice-Premier, I mean the ones for strategic partnerships and for economy, vacant following Viorel Stefan’s departure,” Prime Minister Viorica Dancila said.

“The vote decided that Eugen Teodorovici will take over this portfolio, given that he is Finance Minister and this is an economic portfolio,” Dancila added.

The Government announced on Tuesday that Vice-Premier Viorel Stefan concludes his term, as he will be member of the European Court of Auditors as of July 1, for 6-year term. He resigned as Deputy as well, his positon being taken over by Laura Georgescu.


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