EUR 3 bln allotted to improve healthcare, around EUR 4 bln to fund education

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The National Recovery and Resilience Plan through which Romania will benefit of roughly EUR 30 billion has been agreed and is to be subject to the Government’s approval and then sent to the European Commission for negotiation, President Klaus Iohannis announced in a press conference on Wednesday.
He promised that a major focus will be on improving the access to healthcare services, and EUR 3 billion will be allotted in this regard, while around EUR 4 bln will go to the Educated Romania Programme. “Romania cannot afford losing any more child“, the head of state underlined.

Iohannis said that those EUR 30 billion are “a major chance for the country to develop, an opportunity that will allow economy and the Romanian society as a whole to have an increase resilience to potential future crises”.

The money allotted for the healthcare system will go to improve access to the health services, to build more hospitals, to establish integrated medical units in the countryside and in the vulnerable urban areas, to equip them with medical devices of screening, early diagnosis and of monitoring chronically ill.

EUR 4.5 billion will be directed to develop the highway network at the same time with promoting a transport as less polluting as possible.

An important sum, around EUR 4 bln will go to education, to build safe, clean schools, to equip them with cutting edge devices and laboratories, to develop green energy-efficient educational units. The funds will also help developing early education system, but also training the specialists in the jobs of the future by investments in vocational education. For digitalization in education EUR 780 million will be used.

RON 1.3 bln will be allotted for the diversification of renewable energy sources, EUR 1.5 bln will go to massive forestation programmes, EUR 4 bln to counter drought and for irrigation system and EUR 5 bln for promoting sustainable transport by developing the railway infrastructure.

EUR 2.2 bln will be used for the thermal isolation of the block of flats and for consolidating the buildings in case of earthquakes. Investments will be also made to enable access to drinking water and sewage.

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