European Commissioner Corina Cretu, new criticism against the Gov’t: Let’s talk about public-private partnerships after spending the EU money

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European Commissioner, Corina Cretu, has criticized again the Government, saying the Romanian authorities’ main concern should be to attract European money and not concluding public-private partnerships, because this means spending money from the budget.

“I’ve done my duty to warn the Member States, not only Romania. We are on the average in terms of attracting European funds. There’s not much time left. We have many delays due to late legislation. Sometimes I am exasperated, not only for Romania, by the slow pace of transport infrastructure development,” Corina Cretu said on Friday.

“I believe the main concern should be, first of all, to spend the grants, the money from the European Union for projects,” she added.

The European Commissioner for Regional Development said “acceleration is needed in spending European money and then talks about public-private partnerships – for which the state pays, the citizens pay – after we spend the allocation. We have billions of euros waiting for us in Brussels.”

Asked about the sanction from the EU Court of Justice for non-compliant and illegal landfills, Cretu said she has warned PM Dancila a year ago about this. “It is the only conditionality which is not met, in the environment field and of landfills. I don’t see spectacular progress and this hurts me,” the European Commissioner said.


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