European Commissioner Corina Cretu tells PM Viorica Dancila: I regret to find out that you are misinformed by subordinates

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European Commissioner Corina Cretu says it is sad that all the ‘triumphalist statements’ made by the authorities in Bucharest regarding the absorption of European funds completely ignore the work of European officials, who have saved millions of euros. Cretu added that the European Commission is the one which changed the Regional Operational Programme and not the Government, whereas Premier Viorica Dancila is misinformed by her subordinates, as she had told her this personally, several times.

Corina Cretu, who is in conflict with the Government in the past months, says she has followed with interest the statements made by the executive’s representatives regarding the absorption of European funds and if such results are confirmed by the assessment expected in January, she will sincerely congratulate the Romanian authorities, reports.

However, Commissioner Cretu says the ‘triumphalist statements’ ignore the work of her entire team of experts with the Regional Development Directorate, who had solutions discussed during bilateral meetings, regarding the acquisition of ambulances or redirecting of funds to the SMEs.

“I do not believe there is a country, as I read the press review every day, not to mention the European Commission when talking about European funds. I feel I have to do this for my colleagues, who had ideas and saved millions of euros, to apologize for the fact that in all interviews and statements of the government officials the work conducted by the European Commission has been ignored,” Commissioner Corina Cretu said.

Cretu has a message to Prime Minister Viorica Dancila: “Mrs. Prime Minister, with all due respect, I am sorry to find out that, in every meeting we’ve had, that you have been misinformed by your subordinates, an issue I have told you several times personally. I assure you I will continue to offer you my support and the EC support, as I have said in Brussels, during the joint press conference with Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission.”

The European Commissioner says that during the past years she has been at the disposal of Romanian authorities, finding solutions for some issues, not for others, but the EC wants to further offer support and is expecting projects, mainly in the field of transport infrastructure.

Corina Cretu and PSD are in conflict for the past several months, as Cretu has accused the Government of not filing projects for European funds and thus it loses money.

Darius Valcov, adviser to PM Viorica Dancila, has launched several attacks against Commissioner Corina Cretu and against the EC President Jean-Claude Juncker, blaming Brussels for assessing Romania with a double standard.

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