European Commissioner Corina Cretu tells PSD: The CVM report is not a conspiracy

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European Commissioner, Corina Cretu, believes Romania needs to continue the European path, saying a hypothetical exit from the EU would be a ‘national catastrophe’.

“My message is that Romania needs to continue its European path. (…) We shouldn’t play with our future. (…) It is surprising that a country that benefited a lot from the European Union to refuse the opportunities. I don’t believe someone wants it and I regret this option, coming from nowhere, has surfaced for Romania to ever exit the European Union. In my opinion, this would be a national catastrophe and we would all be responsible for our future and our children’s future,” Corina Cretu said on Wednesday for Realitatea TV private broadcaster.

The European Commissioner added that the European parliament resolution on the rule of law in Romania and the latest CVM report should not lead to the impression that the European Union wants to harm Romania.

“I wish the political parties understand it with wisdom and not regard it as conspiracy, believing someone wants to harm us. It is the result of the latest developments. It’s hard to fight an already existent image, hence the efforts should be supplemented from this point of view. Now we are also getting closer to a pre-election period related to the European elections. These are the most politicized debates in the European Parliament,” Cretu said.

The European Commission adopted on Tuesday its latest report on developments in Romania to meet its commitments on judicial reform and the fight against corruption, in the context of the CVM.

The report takes stock of the situation since November 2017. It notes that while Romania has taken some steps to implement the final 12 recommendations issued by the Commission in January 2017, in order to fulfil the CVM benchmarks, recent developments have reversed the course of progress and called into question the positive assessment made back in January 2017. This applies notably to judicial independence, judicial reform and tackling high-level corruption. Therefore, the report also sets out a number of additional recommendations for immediate follow up.

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