European Commissioner Corina Cretu to run for the EP elections on the lists of Victor Ponta’s party

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European Commissioner for Regional Development, Corin Cretu, has announced she would run for the European Parliament elections due on May 26 on the lists of Pro Romania, former PM Victor Ponta’s party.

While in Cluj on Thursday attending a debate on the cohesion policy in the EU, Corina Cretu has stated that her decision represents a dividing line from the current leadership of the Social Democrat Party (PSD).

I am running for the EP elections on behalf of Pro Romania, which has an ambitious development project for Romania, with competent and professional people. I was and I remain a true European Social Democrat and I believe the only development chance for Romania is within a strong and fair Europe, where we need allies and friends and I think this current assault tactics will cost us all. People know what I have done, all that I did was for Romania and Romanians and I would like to continue my work“, Cretu said.

She stressed she still respects the PSD members, but her action to run on Pro Romania’s lists aims at separating herself from the current leadership. Cretu argued that the incumbent PSD leaders have minimized the work and efforts of those who tried to help Romania from outside, “culminating with personal offenses against me and against the colleagues from the European Commission”.

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