European Court of Auditors: Budgetary control MEPs endorse the Croatian candidate, reject Romanian Deputy PM Viorel Stefan

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Budgetary control MEPs endorsed a Court of Auditors (ECA) member from Croatia, while rejecting the Romanian candidate in a secret ballot on Monday.

MEPs turned down the candidacy of Viorel Ștefan, a Member of the Romanian Parliament and a Deputy Prime Minister, by 8 votes to 12. During the hearing, several MEPs questioned his role in the country’s poor record in tackling corruption, a release posted on the European Parliament’s website reads.

At the same time, they endorsed the Croatian candidate Ivana Maletić with 11 votes to 8 with 2 abstentions. As a Croatian MEP (EPP), Ms. Maletić is a member of Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. Before joining the European Parliament in 2013, she held various offices in the Croatian public administration. Ms Maletić has obtained a master’s degree in Accounting, Auditing and Finance. She also holds a master’s degree in Economics and Business.

Both candidates still face a vote by the full house next week in Strasbourg.

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