European Parliament members inspecting forests in Romania


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A delegation of the European Parliament consisting of MEPs: Nicu Ștefănuță, Vlad Gheorghe, Cristian Terheș, Lorant Vincze, Yana Toom, Alexander Bernhuber, Maite Pagazaurtundua and Andrey Slabakov is paying a visit to Romania this week to inspect several wild forest area in our country. The purpose of the mission is to reveal the impact of illegal deforestation in Romania and find solutions to stop it.

The visit is organized by the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament, in the forests of Făgăraş, Covasna and Suceava.

MEP Nicu Ștefănuță (Greens / EFA) is the only member of the Committee on Environment in the delegation who takes part in the delegation.

Officially, the ministries are reporting one thing to Brussels, and unofficially, people from the civil society and environmental activists are telling us something else: that the situation is much worse. This is why we are going on site so that our European colleagues can see with their own eyes what’s the real situation of the forests in Romania“, declares MEP Nicu Ștefănuță.

Recent data are worrying. According to official estimates, 19 million cubic meters of wood are cut from the forest every year. But, according to research by the National Forestry Research Institute in 2018, it seems that in fact more than 38 million cubic meters of wood are cut annually from Romania’s forests.

The mission of the Committee on Petitions of the European Parliament aims:

  • to understand the reasons of illegal deforestation and to discuss the provenance of the wood cut and used, and how to detect possible illegal cutting;
  • to analyze the situation of the legislation regarding the protection of forests, as well as the measures taken by the authorities to solve the problems related to the infringement procedures opened by the European Commission;
  • to analyze the coexistence between humans and the brown bear. Romania is home to the largest population of brown bears in Europe, and this has become an intensely debated topic, both in the European Parliament and in the country.

Nicu Ștefănuță is the first Romanian MEP affiliated to the political group of the Greens in the European Parliament (Greens / EFA) and is currently a member of the Budget committee and the Public Health Subcommittee. At the same time, the MEP from Sibiu works as a substitute member in the Commission for Environment, Public Health and Food Safety (ENVI), in the Commission for Transport and Tourism (TRAN) and is part of the Parliament’s delegation for EU Relations with Moldova as well as the Parliament’s Delegation for relations with NATO.

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  1. Mr Rearguard says

    If the illegal cutting does not stop soon then Romanians will have to take a Bear and his family into their homes like they do in England with Ukrainians.

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