European parliament’s Green Group call on the EC to step in after Romania protests led to violence

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The co-leaders of the European Parliament’s Green group are calling on the European commission to launch its rule-of-law mechanism, which is being deployed against Poland and debated for Hungary, British newspaper The Guardian informs.

“The people in Romania are looking for help from the European Union and I think we should give that,” Ska Keller, the German co-president of the Green group, told the Guardian.

The group wants the commission to start talks with Bucharest over the judicial changes and the anti-corruption drive.

As Romania Journal reported, over 100,000 protesters gathered in Bucharest last Friday, in Victoriei Square for the Diaspora rally. All streets around the Government building were blocked by the police force. The first incidents began around 4 p.m. and since then until midnight, hundreds of people needed medical care. Instigators have set on fire various areas, throwing ledges and glasses at gendarmes. In their turn, gendarmes retorted by force. Tens of innocent protesters ended up in hospital.

452 people were injured overall (24 gendarmes), with 70 of them being hospitalized

Tens of thousands of people returned to the Victoriei Square on Bucharest on Saturday evening to protest against the Government and the ruling party PSD and its leaders. Many came wearing protective masks in case the security forces used tear gas again. Unlike Friday’s violence, the rally on Saturday was peaceful, with people shouting against the Government and the ruling party leaders, also slamming the intervention in force of the gendarmes the other day. “You don’t have so much tear gas how much pain we have inside us”, “Liviu don’t forget, this is not Dragnetia”, “Resignation Government”.

Another protest has been announced on Friday evening at 22.45h, in Victoriei Square.


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