Ex-Agriculture minister stripped of parliamentary immunity


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The plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies adopted, on Tuesday, the draft decision for lifting the immunity of the PSD deputy Adrian Chesnoiu, with 251 votes “for” and 25 “against”. Two votes were annulled.

Former Minister of Agriculture Adrian Chesnoiu on Tuesday asked the deputies to vote for lifting his parliamentary immunity and thanked his party colleagues for their support.

He announced that he would vote in public to lift his immunity and reaffirmed that he had not committed any crime. “Dear colleagues, we are at a time when I think none of you would want to be, but I have received many messages of encouragement from you and from thousands of Romanians and Romanian farmers. Thank you for that. ( …) The people I spoke to and many of you asked me not to resign as a minister, not to give up parliamentary immunity, but as I have become accustomed to every time, I am a man of dignity and with an honor“, Chesnoiu told the plenary session.

He said that as soon as he learned from the press that certain suspicions had been raised against him, he decided to resign from the post of minister and to suspend himself from PSD. “I ask all my colleagues, each of you, from all parliamentary groups, to vote in order to approve the request for criminal prosecution made against me. All my life I have done my duty to the people and to the institutions in which I have worked. I have always complied with the law and I accepted the post of minister in an extremely complicated period, with the desire to do something good for Romanians and for Romanian agriculture,” said the former minister.

” (…) I am not a supporter of a televised justice. I have not committed any crime of corruption or any other criminal act. I am innocent and I will prove that at the end and at the elimination of the suspicions that hover over me “, the former minister underlined.

About a week ago, the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA), asked the Chamber of Deputies to lift the immunity of Adrian Chesnoiu, PSD deputy from Olt and Minister of Agriculture, whom the prosecutors accuse of abuse of office for an alleged rigging of some employment contests.

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