Ex-Bucharest mayor Oprescu: I am not going to run for a new term

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Former Bucharest general mayor Sorin Oprescu announced on Monday that he is not running anymore for a new mayor term, arguing that ethics doesn’t let him join the race, considering he is placed under judicial control.

If ethics and the judicial control didn’t stop me, if there was a different situation, I would definitely be there. After all, I would like to accomplish what I’ve started. Unfortunately, it remains only the wish. Secondly, I would like to remind you that I am under judicial control (…) In our country it’s precisely the opposite, you have to prove that you are innocent, for at present it works the benefit of undoubt, not the benefit of doubt. Based on that, considering the society with its side slips, you end up adjusting your own ethics to the times that you are living in,” Sorin Oprescu stated while at the Bucharest Court of Appeal.

The former mayor said about the Social Democrat candidate for the Bucharest city hall, Gabriela Firea that “she is very well trained.” “I think she has the will and strength to build something in Bucharest. For this, she is one of the fewest persons whom I particularly respect, precisely for being a woman of action,” Oprescu argued.

Sorin Oprescu is prosecuted for money laundering and setting an organized criminal group, and also for bribe taking.

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