Ex-District 5 mayor Marian Vanghelie is launching new political party

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Former District 5 Bucharest mayor, Marian Vanghelie, has announced on Friday he would launch his own political party, the Independent Social Democrat Party, which will be a left-wing party, a party of „workers”.

Vanghelie has made the statement at the Bucharest Court of Appeal, where the anti-corruption prosecutors’ appeal against the judicial control in Vanghelie case is being judged.

The National Anti-corruption Directorate has challenged a previous court’s ruling, which decided to lift the judicial control measure against Vanghelie, in the file where he had been charged of receiving undue benefits of EUR 30 million when he was District 5 mayor.

Also former leader of the Bucharest branch of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Marian Vanghelie said he has new plans in politics. „I haven’t fled the country, I want to fight, that’s why I also created this party that is to be launched in January. It is called the Independent Social Democrat Party and I think Romanians will understand and will manage to get rid of this trash that has destroyed the country (…) It will be a left-wing party, where all labourers will be able to join, from the railway workers up to the shop assistants in Metro, Carrefour, for there is no one today to spring in their defense,” the former mayor argued.

Marian Vanghelie has been sent to court on July 7, 2015, next to Mircea-Sorin Niculae (Vanghelie’s cousin), partner and owner of several companies, charged with seven bribe-related and money laundering-related crimes, and also next to Sorin Ştefan Ciocan, Laura Ciocan, manager Economat Sector 5 SRL, and businessman Marin Dumitru.

DNA says that, during 2006 — 2014, Marian Vanghelie, as District 5 mayor in Bucharest, helped by Mircea-Sorin Niculae and partially by Laura Ciocan, has asked and received from businessman Marin Dumitru undue benefits of more than EUR 30.4 million, representing a 20% commission of returns.

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