Ex-Education minister accuses Presidency’s „Educated Romania” project of plagiarism

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After President Klaus Iohannis has launched the „Educated Romania” project in public debate at Cotroceni on Wednesday, arguing the youth generations must be trained for what is going to be in the future and not for when the decision makers had been students or ministers, one of the former Education ministers representing the ruling Social Democrat Party, Liviu Pop, has slammed the project, saying it lies under the suspicion of forgery and plagiarism, while inviting the head of state to check on that and publicly report the conclusions.

The result of the Educated Romania project, financed of public money, has reasonable suspicions of plagiarism and forgery. I invite the self-styled political trainer K.W. Iohannis to probe into that and publicly report the conclusions,” Pop posted on Facebook.

Among the proposals of the report „Educated Romania”, there are reintroduction of the single national dissertations that should weigh for the entrance to high school, and also two new concepts on the baccalaureate, the applied baccalaureate and the professional license.

The programme also pledges some goals by 2030, such as a graduation rate of at least 80% at the end of the elementary school and of 75% of the baccalaureate.

The project also says that by 2030 at least 30% of the children aged 0 to 3 should attend nurseries and 95% of the kids from 3 to 5 years old should be integrated in the pre-school education.

Another goal envisaged by the project says that Romania should rank among the first 30 countries in the world on PISA tests by 2030.

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