Ex-FM Corlatean heard at DNA on Diaspora vote file


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Former foreign minister Titus Corlatean was heard at the National Anti-corruption Directorate on Monday in the file related to the Diaspora vote at the presidential elections held last year.

Now a Social Democrat Senator, Corlatean resigned from the helm of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs between the two rounds of presidential elections in 2014 against the protests staged by the Romanians living abroad who were queuing to cast their votes.

Corlatean said he came at DNA to be heard as a witness in this case and that he is to find out what is all about.

“I gave a close statement, according to the effective procedures. I gave all details that I was asked to,” Corlatean told journalists while leaving DNA, without commenting if he risks to be charged in this case.

Interim chair of the Social Democrat Party, Liviu Dragnea said he hoped there would be no problem for Corlatean, arguing the former FM had made no mistake while he was in the Government. Questioned if he could be also summoned to be heard in this file, Dragnea denied, saying he could not have any legal qualification in this case.

The file regarding the problems encountered in the polling stations abroad during Romania’s presidential elections was initially investigated by the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice following six criminal cases targeting complaints filed in this respect. However, in December last year, the National Anti-corruption Directorate asked to take over the file, as it was also investigating a case regarding similar deeds.

A record number of Romanians living abroad came to the polling stations on November 2 and 16 last year to cast their votes to elect the new Romanian president. Due to the low number of polling stages, long queues were formed in front of the embassies in several European capitals, with thousands of people not being able to vote.


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