Ex-intelligence officer Daniel Dragomir heard by the SRI committee, says 65 people could testify his statements

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Former intelligence officer Daniel Dragomir was heard by the SRI parliamentary committee on Tuesday, telling the committee that a former Chamber speaker had benefitted of the Romanian Intelligence Service’s support, through “the media channels” and he promised to bring evidence in this respect.

Dragomir gave examples of politicians who have been endorsed by the SRI through mass media, namely orders given by the intelligence heads, he named the persons who used to give those orders, he named the politician who had benefitted of this support. He will bring evidence next week,” the SRI committee chairman, Claudiu Manda, stated.

He said that the committee’s members were “shocked” when they heard the names revealed by Dragomir.

The names came as a shock to us. The politician who benefitted of the SRI’s support was a former speaker of the Chamber of Deputies,” Manda pointed out, adding that Dragomir referred to the period from 2009 to 2013. The chairman also said that Dragomir would be heard again next Tuesday.

Daniel Dragomir also presented in the SRI committee a list of 65 people who should be heard in the committee and who could testify his statements. There were politicians, journalists, businessmen and intelligence officers on the list. Yet, the former SRI colonel denied to reveal their names.

Asked if there are people who can influence the decision of the state authorities at this moment, Dragomir said: “Some of them can, other cannot”.

The former intelligence officers announced he would present new evidence in the new future to testify his statements so far.

The chairman of the SRI parliamentary committee, Claudiu Manta revealed that among those 65 people on Dragomir’s list there are 11 journalists, 15 politicians, 12 magistrates, 11 current and former SRI officers, 13 businessmen and three people working in the administration.

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