Ex-Interior minister Oprea resigns from the Senate

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Former Interior minister Gabriel Oprea resigned from the senator position, he announced on his Facebook page on Monday. His resignation arrived at the Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu, while the Standing Bureau is to set when the resignation is presented to the plenum.

According to regulations, the plenum of the Senate has to record a senator’s resignation and to determine the position is vacant.

Gabriel Oprea, investigated for culpable homicide in the case of police officer Bogdan Gigina death, announced three days ago that he would resign. Politicians and ordinary people asked for his resignation, with street protests being organized in the past days.

In the Facebook post, the former minister and former deputy PM claims there are “networks” aiming at endorsing “any initiative that weakens the national identity”, giving the protests in the past years as an example.

Do you think is by any chance that the Church is systematically attacked every time there is a street protest? Do you think the slogan ‘we want hospitals, not cathedrals’ is spontaneous? Do you think that it’s a mere coincidence that the same circles, the same people, the same NGOs are figting a wearing war with the Parliament, with the Church and with all those defending the national interests in Romania? I think not. I saw too many things to still believe in these coincidences. A legitimate government was toppled, a new government came with brand new people taken out of the European top hat, parties were being fabricated and the system of separating the state powers has been systematically destroyed. Governments and ministers were toppled by abberant accusations“, Oprea posted.

The former minister says he has never crimped the judiciary’s actions against him. ‘”I believe that any rational man understands that I am completely innocent and that, after the court rules, this wave of aggressions will end,” he concludes.

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