Ex-minister Elena Udrea lashes out against politicians, journalists


Former Tourism minister Elena Udrea has launched a harsh attack against some politicians and journalists, accusing them it’s their fault that prosecutors have opened criminal files against her. However, Udrea hasn’t nominated anyone in particular.

The ex-minister in Emil Boc Democrat-Liberal Cabinet claims she has paid the performance of some politicians in the electoral campaigns or that she has covered the wage of some journalists who consider now that they are part of the “#resist” campaign.

I hope you all started the year well and that 2018 will be the same. I would have obviously wanted to stay in the holidays’ peaceful and quiet mood, but no matter how much I had abstained so far and stayed indifferent to some people’s abjection, I will send them a message anyway. You, schlupms, have you forgotten when you were licking the door handles to obtain my endorsement for the positions in the party, as the party had pushed you away because you were too stupid or corrupt, to support your candidatures for the Bucharest district mayoralties for instance, at ANAF or to get Cocos’ financing (editor note-businessman Dorin Cocos, her former husband) to have positions in the politics or in the mass media? You, some hypocrite morsels, are talking about me today?”, Elena Udrea begins her Facebook post.

I have criminal files and I am <corrupt> for I have paid your shitty political performance through campaigns or your wage as <deontologist> journalists, who are part of the #resist campaign now. These are the accusations against me, this money <is stolen by Udrea>!!!,” the former minister continues.

However, Udrea doesn’t nominate anyone, but she wonders if she should openly speak about everyone individually.

If I don’t’ round on you, schlupms, is because I am doing it for me, in order not to be one of you. But if you consider you will be let alone if you are moving your tongue in the System’s ass now and for jumping in Iohannis’ boat, I can tell you that you are stupid all the way. Schlumps will eventually pay!,” Udrea concludes.

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