Ex-minister’s family, among owners of the company providing maintenance of the ventilators of Babes hospital’s mobile ICU

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The company that provides the maintenance of the ventilators in the “Victor Babes” Hospital’s mobile intensive care unit, where three Covid patients died yesterday due to an oxygen system malfunction, is Medist Ltd., registered 26 years ago. Among the shareholders of this company there is also the family of the former Finance minister Sebastian Vladescu (former PNL), more precisely his former wife and son, who have 25% of the stakes each.

Sebastian Vladescu, file photo/realitatea.net

The company delivers American made ventilators in those five intensive care mobile trucks, but also in the emergency units of hospitals where Covid patients may be treated due to the lack of spare beds in intensive care.

Seven employees of this company, including the manager, have been heard by the prosecutors who are investigating the case, after one of the technicians had refused to enter the mobile unit and check the malfunction or fear of the virus.

Medist Ltd company, set in in 1994, is one of the most important providers of medical devices in Romania. Ventilators imported from the U.S and delivered by Medist are operational in all mobile intensive care units in the country.

According to the contract concluded with the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations, the company also has the obligation of providing maintenance for the devices it had delivered and of checking if they are working properly.

“We are in permanent contact with the authorities involved in the inquiry and we shall provide all necessary information. According to preliminary investigations, the ventilators delivered by our company did not show technical problems and were working in normal parameters”, says the company.

Medist Ltd won over 200 contracts through direct award with more than 50 hospitals in Romania last year, including in two units under the authority of the Defence Ministry. The value of the contracts inked by the company has increased by over RON 1 million in 2020 when the pandemic kicked off, as the law allowed the assignment of contracts without public tenders.

Medist is 50% owned by family members of former Finance minister Sebastian Vlădescu: 25% by Vlădescu Carmen , the minister’s former wife and 25% by Vlădescu Sebastian Alexandru, his son.

The company’s turnover mounts to over RON 65 million, according to data of the Trade Registry.

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