Ex-MP Ghiţă withdraws from the race for MEP, blames it on DNA, Kovesi

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Former Social Democrat MP Sebastian Ghiţă, currently fled to Serbia and pending several corruption files in Romania, has decided to withdraw from the race for an MEP seat on PRU list, arguing members of his family and other tens of people were again summoned to the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) by „Kovesi’s henchmen”.Ghita warned he would notify the Section for investigating magistrates over these practices.

Two weeks ago, Ghiţă announced from Serbia that he will run in the European elections for a MEP seat on the lists of PRM+PRU Alliance.

I decided to withdraw from the PRU list and not run for the European elections. Unfortunately, nothing has changed in Romania. Members of my family and tens of other people were again subpoenaed to DNA by Kovesi’s henchmen. They are now investigating deeds from 2010! They investigated them before, ten times so far. And they ordered expertise that proved the prejudice was ZERO”, Ghiţă posted on Facebook.

He claims that prosecutors „continue to ask people if they know something bad about Sebastian Ghiţă and continue to promise those who want to collaborate protection from DNA”, while sending addresses to hundreds of physical and legal persons „in order to intimidate”.

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  1. Bryan L Davidson says

    “Tens” of people “TENS!” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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