Ex-nightclub employee sacked from the parliamentary advisor position after posting controversial photos on Facebook


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A former employee of Bamboo nightclub in Bucharest hired as advisor at the Parliament by Social Democrat MP Marius Manolache was sacked after only a day in office after posting his parliamentary badge on Facebook with the following comment: “Enough with the talks in traffic!” Later on, the young woman closed his Facebook account.

Ornella Borozan used to work at Bamboo nightclub and also in a casino. She had also posted on Facebook some provocative photos of her.

Asked about this case, Manolache (whose godfather is the premier Victor Ponta), said he had dismissed her.

“The advisor badge and the Parliament parking permit are not a privilege. It’s an honor in my view, as you work for the community. She didn’t understand that and went home,” the deputy explained.

He claims the young woman has been hired based on her CV, which showed she graduated a faculty and knew two foreign languages. Later on, at the media’s instance, Manolache admitted some friends had recommended the girl to him and also there hadn’t been any interview test when he hired her.

Questioned if he knew her previous jobs, Manolache answered it doesn’t matter, as anyone has the right on equal opportunities.

Asked if her physical appearance had contributed to her being employed, the MP denied, yet saying she “ had seemed agreeable” to him.

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