Ex-PM Ciolos, co-founder of political movement, next to Macron’s party and Matteo Renzi

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A new European movement, favorable to the European project, is taking shape eight months before the elections for the European Parliament. In a letter published by Liberation, the signatories announce a project to re-establish Europe in order to counterbalance the rise of populism. Among the founders of the movement, there are Romanian former premier Dacian Ciolos, Italian ex-premier Matteo Renzi or the chairman of the party founded by Emmanuel Macron.

Our re-establishment project is clear. We proudly support the founding values of peace, freedom, prosperity, solidarity rather then „mass extinctions” threats by Mr. Salvini, to „get rid of Islam” by AfD or „to get done with Europe” by Mrs. Le Pen. Instead of calls to clamp down on judiciary and Opposition, we ask the strict observance of the rule of law and of the democratic institutions. Instead of a divided and weakened continent, at the mercy of other great world powers, we support a sovereign Europe acting with strength in such fields where the action of the isolated countries proves to be powerless: the economic and monetary policy, security and defence, the environmental and agricultural transition, social policy, immigration (…) We are ready to reform the treaties (…). to advance despite deadlocks (…) We want a stronger Europe, together, that’s why we remain open to all those who will want to join us on the way (…) There are eight months left for us to convince in our countries that Europe deserves this new project and that citizens deserve this new Europe (…)”, the letter says.

The document is signed by Christophe Castaner (LREM leader, the party of Emmanuel Macron), Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE leader), Matteo Renzi (ex-premier of Italy), Albert Rivera (Ciudadanos leader, Spanish center wing party), Joseph Muscat (Malta’s PM), Alexander Pechtold (chairman of Dutch Democrats 66) and Dacian Cioloș (chairman of Mișcarea România Împreună/Romanian Together Movement).

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