Ex-PM Ciolos registers „Platform Romania 100” association

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Former PM Dacian Ciolos has officially registered „Platform Romania 100” Association. The NGO has also former ministers Vlad Voiculescu, Dragos Pislaru as founding members, as well as Alin Mituta, Dacian Ciolo’ ex- cabinet director.

The association has the target to actively participate in the public life by promoting the principles of Platform Romania 100. More precisely, the NGO militates for a country withou corruption and with a responsible political class.

Dacian Ciolos is the chairman of the association’s managing committee, Vlad Voiculescu and Dragos Pislaru are vice-presidents and Alin Mituta is executive director, according to the data filed in court.

Former PM Dacian Ciolos announced on Thursday that the non-governmental organization he will launch along with members of his government is considering “very seriously a new political project, a political movement or a political party.

The former prime minister told RFI, in an interview, about the objectives of the non-governmental organization to be launched: “It is a non-governmental organization with political objectives, to the extent that politics means being concerned about city life, of what is happening in society. I will be part of this association, along with several members of the former Government at different levels – we want to continue working on certain projects we started during governance and which seem to us important to be implemented in the economic and social field, in education, health and so on.”

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