Ex-president Basescu has no fear about ending up in the arrest


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Former president Traian Basescu denied on Thursday the possibility of ever being arrested. He told while leaving the People’s Movement Party HQs there is no perspective of him ending up in the arrest no matter how much some people would like to see that, as there is not a single person in Romania “to prove” that he or she gave him money.

When asked about the medical exam that is done in prison considered to be humiliating by Elena Udrea, Basescu replied: “I don’t know about the rules in prisons and, since you referred to this, I want to say that, no matter how much some might like it to see me there, there is no reason for me to end up in prison, since there is no one in Romania that could possibly claim he/she gave me any money. Although, of course, there could be many who could claim it, but they also have to prove it. I have no fears regarding that.’

Also questioned if he feels as a target also for the National Anti-corruption Directorate, the former head of state mentioned: “I don’t think the state institutions are targeting someone or me. Of course, any person is compelled to give explanations before the state institutions.”

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