Ex-president Basescu lashes out at judiciary on the latest preventive arrests. CSM notifies Judicial Inspection


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If during his term he used to make judiciary and the fight against corruption a spearhead of his mandate, former Romanian president Traian Basescu made a new public on Monday night, launching accusations against the same legal system. Basescu said at B1TV there is a long list of problems that the justice system is facing right now, slamming the prosecutors’ abuses on the latest preventive arrests. The former head of state did not rule out the possibility of unfair convictions.

“The arrests’ fashion is a passion of the chiefs so that they can win another term as heads of the National Anti-corruption Directorate,” Basescu claimed, adding that this approaches are harming the institutions and will eventually end by discrediting them.

Basescu even mentioned DNA chief prosecutor Codruta Kovesi, head of the Supreme Court, Livia Stanciu and deputy director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Florian Coldea, suggesting he is disgusted of their actions, as “they are the artisans of this messy way of making justice, without respecting the one who is not convicted. According to Basescu, those three “want to stay in office for another five terms.”

On the other hand, he recommended those who consider they were abusively arrested to address the European Court of Human Rights, arguing the judiciary must apply the law and not the abuse. He also slammed the Police arrest center’s conditions, naming them as “torture”.

In retort, president of the High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romanian Supreme Court), Livia Stanciu said these attacks make Romania lose credibility, adding that she would ‘very sparsely’ get intimidated by some politicians’ reactions.

‘Everything is lost now for us in the Republic of Moldova’

During the interview, ex-president Basescu also tackled Moldova and Ukraine issues. He denied the theory according to which he would eye the Moldovan citizenship in order to run for the Presidency of R. Moldova and thus, to become again Romania’s President in the event of a union between the two countries.

He said that “for us, everything is lost now in R. Moldova”, adding that Romania should not be afraid of Moscow, but should be concerned.

“Assessing the situation in the region, what happened to Ukraine, it is already known that a wall interposed between Republic of Moldova and Ukraine on one hand and the European Union, on the other (…) Moscow’s signal was very clear, any Ukraine’s road to EU means military intervention. They won’t let them, they strategically need this buffer between NATO and the Russian Federation,” Basescu pointed out, adding that R. Moldova has been long placed under control, through the Transndiester conflict.

In his opinion, “the West missed the train of stopping Putin, who, in an year or two will get to the Danube’s entries, as soon as he takes the right moment.”

New attack

Traian Basescu made new comments on Tuesday showing he doesn’t approve the current manner of arrests performed by the prosecutors. He wrote on Facebook that “now justice is served also on TV because this would politically suit to some judiciary leaders”. “Take care though, the distance from TV to the street can be sometimes minor,” the former president warned.

“If he did not commit a murder, if he did not rape, if he did not forge evident or did not skip prosecution, a person should be judged at liberty. Only that justice will be credible. The defendant can defend himself at liberty. Placed under preventive arrest, he has zero chances to defend himself and to keep his dignity,” Basescu argued.

Also on Tuesday, the leadership of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) notified the Judicial Inspection on the former president’s latest statements on judiciary.

CSM judge Horatiu Dumbrava argued that the former president’s speech was at a low level, also mentioning Basescu has lapsed on breaking the judiciary’s independence.

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