Ex-president Basescu makes new incendiary statements

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Former President Traian Basescu made new incendiary statements regarding Romania’s Prosecutor General and his involvement in the Romanian revolution in 1989, but also about his lawsuit with PSD spokesperson Gabriela Firea and her financial relationship with CRESCENT, the former communist offshore company controlled by Dan Voiculescu.

Basescu said in Monday that Prosecutor General Tiberiu Nitu is suspected of “firing at the crowd during the 1989 Revolution” while he was officer within the former Securitate troops. Basescu also said Nitu had probably shot “a few terrorists”.

Subsequently on Tuesday, the former Romanian president wrote on his Facebook page he knew Nitu had a revolutionary certificate at the time he was appointed as Prosecutor General, and that, therefore, he had been confident Nitu would solve the Revolution file. Basescu mentioned he heard about Nitu being among those who shot people only at the end of his president term.

As for Gabriela Firea, who accused Basescu of blackmail, the former head of state retorted that the Social Democrat senator has been borrowing EUR 400,000 and almost USD 2 M from Crescent, money she “forgot” to pay back. “If Firica (Gabriela Firea) doesn’t remember that, she’s better take a public confession,” Basescu said. “I think the state institutions should take a look at Grivco (e.n. owned by Dan Voiculescu, currently serving a ten-year jail sentence for corruption charges) and see how much money have been transferred from Securitate’s Crescent to Grivco during 2007-2011, when Mrs. Firea was managing a company form Grivco Holding. Mrs. Firea with her own little hand signed several loans from Crescent to the company she was managing. She was signing for loans of EUR 400,000 and USD 1,800,000 that she forgot to reimburse, so it was a money laundering there, a transfer from Securitate’s company to Grivco,” Basescu argued.

Dan Voiculescu promptly retorted from jail, informing in a post on his blog that he would sue Traian Basescu for his statements regarding Crescent. “Basescu Traian made a new lying statement about the alleged illegal links between Crescent and Grivco,” Voiculescu wrote, denouncing the former president’s “poisonous reflex of attacking, through lie and false, just to hide his own legal problems, which, will definitely be impartially confirmed by the justice.”



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