Ex-president Basescu to join PMP by October 10. He might run for Bucharest City Hall

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Former President Traian Basescu on Thursday informed he would join the People’s Movement Party by October 10, arguing he wants to share his experience to a new party that wouldn’t have been involved in the transition’s compromises.

“I will definitely join PMP by October 10, there are no doubts about that (…),” Basescu told Adevarul live.

Asked if the PMP Statute allows a potential candidacy for the president position, Basescu answered it hasn’t decided yet on that.

“I haven’t come to the decision to be the party’s president, as my target is to build the party starting from my experience, which doesn’t mean I have to be the executive authority of the party. My political expertise is enough. I want to create a third political force, a new party which had not been involved in the transition’s compromises, that’s why I am reticent to hold the first position. What new signal would be if you take over the highest position in the party?” Basescu argued.

Regarding a potential candidacy for the Bucharest City Hall, Basescu hinted he might run for a new term. “I won’t say yes neither no,” he said.

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