Ex-Pro Romania MPs join PNL


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Liberals are convening today in the Executive Bureau meeting to discuss some former Pro Romania members joining the National Liberal Party (PNL). The former Pro Romania lawmakers, along with several Pro Romania branches whose leaders resigned from Victor Ponta’s party, have joined PNL.

The PNL sitting will debate the “protocol to encompass the Social-Liberal group”, which means that 5 MPs who left from Pro Romania will be transferred to the party that is currently in power.

The resigning group consists of deputies Daniel Constantin, Sorin Câmpeanu, Damian Florea, Liviu Balint and Mircea Banias. Deputy Georgian Pop, who also resigned from Ponta’s party, will remain independent.

At the same time, entire former Pro Romania party branches will go to PNL, namely the organisations of Dâmbovița, Olt, Sibiu, Hunedoara, as well as some Bucharest district branches.

Last month, Daniel Constantin, former founding member of Pro Romania, next to Victor Ponta, announced he will leave the party he established, after he had been sanctioned for voting the investiture of Ludovic Orban Cabinet.

Daniel Constantin told Digi24 back then that he will resign from Pro Romania. He doesn’t rule out to join PNL, but he also might consider to set up a new party.

“I talked to Victor Ponta, I told him I don’t want to put the party in an awkward position. If he considers we have shake our hands and take different paths, so be it. He doesn’t have to resort to suspensions and others. As such, I will file my honourable resignation in the first party sitting to assume what I’ve done, I consider a correct political gesture for the country”, Constantin said, adding that he voted for the Orban Cabinet as “the goal was to give the country a government.”

Mihai Tudose also resigned from Pro Romania over tough row with Victor Ponta.

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