Ex-PSD MEP slams the Romanian PM’s proposals for European Commissioner position

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Former MEP and EP President, Ioan Mircea Pascu has slammed PM Viorica Dancila’s proposals for the European Commissioner seat to be assigned to Romania.

In a Facebook post, Pascu says the EC commissioner positions does not benefit of immunity as the MEP positions do. His stand comes after the Government in Bucharest has forwarded two proposals for the EC Commissioner seat assigned to our country: Dan Nica and Rovana Plumb, both facing corruption charges in Romania.

“In case you don’t know: the EC Commissioner position does not benefit of immunity, only the MEP seat does”, Pascu posted on Facebook.

It is not the first time Pascu is criticising the ruling party. Angry he was not on the PSD list for a MEP seat anymore, old party member Ioan Mircea Pascu slammed the current Social Democrat leadership several months ago, commenting on Facebook that „each bird loves to hear itself sing”.

PM Viorica Dăncilă has sent Romania’s proposals for the Commissioner office to the European Commission on Friday.

At the end of July, the Romanian premier said Romania will send two proposals, “a woman and a man”.

Rovana Plumb and Dan Nica will be interviewed by the new EC president, Ursula von der Leyen, in the upcoming period.

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