Ex-spokesperson Adrian Dobre resigns from PSD

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Adrian Dobre, former spokesperson of the ruling Social Democrat Party has resigned from the party on Saturday, joining Victor Ponta’s party, Pro Romania. He argued that PSD had taken an anti-European, extremist path.
“I joined the Social Democrat Party in 2010 during the party’s National Council. I followed the former premier Adrian Nastase’s political personality. I had the honour of working with the president of the National Council for a while. Until he was imprisoned during a fake trial. After that I followed the Social-Democrat path, I worked hard and with pleasure many years. I have always been a left-wing man, although I have worked in the private environment all my life. I was secretary of state and spokesperson of PSD. I believe in the social justice, in the equality of opportunities, but at the same time I also believe in the added value of the free economy, of the initiative and of creativity. And I also consider that Romania’s place is in Europe with its head up“, Dobre posted on Facebook.

The former PSD spokesperson accused the current SocDem leadership that it’s taking the party to a path of extremism.

Unfortunately PSD has embarked on a one-way trip. An anti-European trip, of extremism and of populism. With a speech of hatred, meant to divide and antagonise the social classes. But Social democracy is not about hatred, it means inclusion, tolerance and welfare (…) That’s why, I am joining Pro Romania (…),” he added.

Adrian Dobre resigned from the spokesperson position in April 2018.

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