Ex-USR chair Nicusor Dan reiterates he wants to run for Bucharest City Hall

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Former chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR), deputy Nicusor Dan, has announced on Tuesday he would like to run for the Bucharest City Hall in 2020.

“It’s a position for which I have been training myself for long and yes, I would like to run for the Bucharest mayor seat. Now it’s up to the context, if I will be part of a party, what the colleagues from that party would want, if I’ll still want to run. The fight for Bucharest is continuing with the forces I currently have,” Nicusor Dan told Realitatea TV.

Asked if he will reshape Save Bucharest Union (USB) again, he said you cannot set up a party to mention it on your business card, but to answer a need.

If there is this need and there is a group of people saying <we want to respond this need> we’ll make a party,” Dan stated.

He added he is sorry for leaving USR. “I regret the party went to a different direction than the initial one, but (…) it’s important what you say and what you do,” he said.

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