Ex-USR chair Nicusor Dan reiterates he wants to run for Bucharest City Hall


Former chairman of the Save Romania Union (USR), deputy Nicusor Dan, has announced on Tuesday he would like to run for the Bucharest City Hall in 2020.

“It’s a position for which I have been training myself for long and yes, I would like to run for the Bucharest mayor seat. Now it’s up to the context, if I will be part of a party, what the colleagues from that party would want, if I’ll still want to run. The fight for Bucharest is continuing with the forces I currently have,” Nicusor Dan told Realitatea TV.

Asked if he will reshape Save Bucharest Union (USB) again, he said you cannot set up a party to mention it on your business card, but to answer a need.

If there is this need and there is a group of people saying <we want to respond this need> we’ll make a party,” Dan stated.

He added he is sorry for leaving USR. “I regret the party went to a different direction than the initial one, but (…) it’s important what you say and what you do,” he said.

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