Extraordinary session on Tax Code called off following PSD’s postponement request

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Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu informed that the extraordinary parliamentary session on Tax Code is called off as the members of the Budget committee did not manage to draft a report. Tariceanu said the debates on the Tax code asked by president Iohannis will take place next week within Parliament’s ordinary session.

The decision comes only few hours after the ruling Social Democrat Party had asked for the postponement of the extraordinary session.

Interim chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea said at the end of Monday’s coalition meeting that PSD is asking for the postponement of the parliamentary debates on Tax Code. Dragnea asked for a meeting of all leaders of the parliamentary parties on Thursday so that a political consensus should be met and the Tax Code should be amended in the ordinary parliamentary session.

“Practically we cannot talk about an extraordinary session of the Parliament”, he said, arguing no decision can be taken on this topic without a political debate.

Referring to the previous technical debates last Thursday, Dragnea said that no solution has come out during those debates and that VAT cut in steps- 20 pc as of next year and 19 pc starting 2017-was just a proposal of the Liberals, agreed by UNPR, while ALDE is still supporting VAT cut by 19 pc.

The leaders of the ruling coalition parties have met on Monday in the first gathering after PSD interim president Liviu Dragnea returned from holiday.

The Parliament is officially convened in extraordinary session as of Monday to debate the Tax Code’s re-examination request asked by president Klaus Iohannis.

 What PM Ponta said about the delay?

PM Victor Ponta said he did his job and tabled a very good Tax Code in Parliament, adding that the postponement of the parliamentary debate on the code’s re-examination doesn’t bother him.

The prime minister also said he did not change his mind and still wants a Tax Code with a VAT cut by 20 pc.

“I did not change my mind at all regarding the Gov’t draft with a VAT of 20 pc. I want a Tax Code and a VAT of 20 percent. The politicians settle the other matters. I did my job and I tabled a very good draft in Parliament and I am sure it will be eventually adopted,” Ponta stated.

Questioned if the postponement bothers him, he answered: “Why should it bother me? If adopting the Tax Code with VAT of 20 pc is agreed I will be happiest (person). It’s very well that they meet.”


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