Extremely serious slippage in Parliament. George Simion, to Diana Sosoacă: I’m sexually assaulting you, sow!


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An unprecedented scandal took place on Tuesday evening in the Parliament, during the debates on the state budget law, the main protagonists being the senator Diana Sosoacă and the leader of the AUR, George Simion, who were one step away from getting into a fight. “I’m sexually assaulting you, sow,” Simion shouted to Sosoacă.

On Wednesday, the Parliament resumed the debates on the draft state budget for 2024, after the scandal on Tuesday evening.
AUR announced on Tuesday evening that it undertakes to block the Parliament gallery if the PSD-PNL majority, with the support of USR and UDMR, does not increase teachers’ salaries by 40%. Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu delivered his speech in Parliament on Tuesday evening, during the budget law debate, jammed by AUR and USR parliamentarians, who surrounded him with placards, but also by Diana Şoșoacă’s shouts

The AUR MPs came to the plenary sitting, at the budget debates, with placards with messages such as “Stop the mockery”, “PSD and PNL, monopoly on the Parliament”, “No sinecures in public positions”, while the USR lawmakers also brought red boxes reading “New Taxes” and “Record Budget for Specials”.

The protagonists of the biggest scandal, however, were Diana Șoșoacă and George Simion, who accused the senator of being set up by the PSD to make a scandal and of tearing her sign. While filming and streaming it live on Facebook, Simion bumped into the senator’s hand. Diana Soșoacă tried to film George Simion very closely, and AUR members formed a shield around the AUR leader.

Both Diana Șoșoacă and George Simion broadcast the whole scandal live by phone. When you give the money to the teachers, Mr. Ciolacu, why did you make Şoşoacă do the circus? This is the mockery of Marcel Ciolacu and Diana Şoşoacă. We will continue to block the rostrum of the Parliament, until Marcel Ciolacu decides to give the money to the teachers”, shouted George Simion.

George Simon: “That’s your attitude…

Diana Sosoacă: Get away from me, because I don’t know what I’m doing to you!

George Simion: I’m sexually assaulting you, sow!

Diana Sosoacă: What are you doing, me?

George Simion: I am sexually assaulting you.

Diana Sosoacă: Are you sexually assaulting me? Who are you sexually assaulting me? Aren’t you ashamed, you bully? The sissies from AUR. Do it, do it!”.

Senator Diana Soșoacă had a new nervous reaction on Wednesday morning, after the episode on the Tuesday evening session of the Parliament.

Diana Șoșoacă accused George Simion of lying and of violence. What happened, Simeon???? Can’t you refrain from violence? Can’t handle a direct confrontation with me? I simply asked you: why are you lying about seeing me in Vienna? Why are you paying crappy articles against me where you lie about secretly seeing me in Austria???? Your response was rude: insults, that you have a wife, that they are not sexy… Aren’t you ashamed, pervert??? Is this the answer of a politician who wants to be president? Sexually frustrated, you and your political analyst, By the way, how are you doing with rape? Still with judicial interventions? Come on, that’s what your daddy, the PSD, taught you!”

Senator Diana Sosoacă announced on Wednesday that she is filing a criminal complaint against George Simion, after the incident on Tuesday evening in the Parliament.

Diana Șoșoacă claims that George Simion’s actions have damaged his confidence in his own electorate and that is why “I had to speak directly with Mr. Simion live, a way that both he and I always use, so that to be able to bring to the attention of public opinion the lies distributed by him”.

So that he began to swear at me in an extremely offensive way with expressions with a sexual connotation, to accuse me of the fact that I was “making a fuss”, and finally to hit me over the hands, wanting, as if in one movement, to cause me physical suffering and to destroy my phone, with which I was filming. The phone actually flew on the floor, it even came out of its case where it was fixed, so the blow was extremely violent, it made me a “sow”, he called his colleagues to form a shield around him to remove me from I am still asking him questions“, the senator says in the complaint.

PSD-UDMR clash

George Simion and Diana Șoșoacă are not the only ones who were offended and addressed words that are difficult to reproduce, on Tuesday evening, in the Parliament, during the debates on the draft budget for 2024. Deputies Dan Tanasă from AUR and Daniel Ghiță from PSD have also made a scandal, being one step away from beating up the UDMR. Later, Ghiță, caught the ear of a USR senator.

Daniel Ghiță tried to explain this scandal on Facebook, claiming that he and Dan Tănăsă were provoked by several deputies from the UDMR, who “were drunk (smell of palinka (a Transylvanian brandy)!) in the Romanian Parliament”. Although the number of mandates in the Parliament is determined according to the number of votes received, deputy Ghiță claims that he will “discuss” reducing the number of deputies from the UDMR, “equally with all minorities”.

“Without anyone saying anything to them, they started waving at us and insulting Dan Tănasa, inviting us to fight! It was a challenge, with maximum effort! They provoked with slogans: “Transylvania is not Romania” and “Transylvania is Hungarian land!” Do you realize how stupid? That I am not from Transylvania. And so? I’m still Romanian!“, Ghita said.

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