Father of prosecutor proposed for DNA’s helm is PSD councilman, makes controversial statement during TV show


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After Justice minister announced on Thursday that he had proposed a prosecutor from Constanta, Adina Florea, the mass media dug up in her record, with some publications saying the National Anti-corruption Directorate is investigating a case related to Florea.

Moreover, it has been revealed that Adina Florea’s father is a councilman representing the Social Democrat Party for a sixth mandate.

Asked in a live intervention at B1 TV, if he has confidence that his daughter will solve all DNA’s problems, Dumitru Florea (photo) has suggested that president Klaus Iohannis might have problems with DNA in the future.

„I think she will get her hands on trying to solve the problems. I don’t know if she will be able to solve them so soon. There are various problems, related to Kovesi, to Iohannis and others like them.” “If my daughter gets to DNA, she will clear up the mess in three months“.

One of the TV presenters suggested Dumitru Florea to reformulate his statement and to say that President Iohannis had no problems with DNA.

He had no problem, but he might have”, Dumitru Florea replied.

Asked by the presenters if he is celebrating the fact that the Justice minister has proposed his daughter at the DNA’s helm, the PSD councilman gave no answer.

During  his intervention by phone, the voice of Florea’s wife was heard live on TV, asking her husband to hang up the phone: „I am getting mad at you. You are destroying this child. Why do you interfere? Bloody hell….”

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  1. Bryan Davidson says

    “she will clear up the mess in three months.” What PSD mafia garbage is thsi?

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