Fin Min Teodorovici, controversial proposal to limit Romanians’ working rights in EU countries to a certain period of time

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Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said on Tuesday he has proposed to the EU finance ministers to limit the working rights in another country to a certain period of time.

“Limiting the right to work. In what sense? I will read again news that Teodorovici wants to reform Europe. No, the working permit should be the same in all states. After the first working permit you will not be allowed to renew the working right, so you emigrate in Europe. Now, the one going to work in Germany and receiving the working right, he would never return to his home country, Croatia, Romania or wherever he may leave from. It is a decision to be discussed,” Eugen Teodorovici said on Tuesday.

Minister Teodorovici said he has submitted the topic to the EU Finance Ministers.

“It may seem restrictive, but we need to learn, at European level, that while an area becomes even poorer, another area becomes richer, somewhere things do not connect. As the EU interest is to keep the states united at European level, we should really reach the social cohesion, not to strengthen the western part and leave the rest of Europe outside, for various reasons,” Teodorovici said.

He added that the western countries need a scheme to fight unemployment, the eastern countries, including Romania, need a scheme to convince the workers who migrated to return.

MEP Muresan: This would violate European treaties

Romanian MEP Siegfried Muresan argues the proposal to limit the right to work in another EU country will violate the European treaties.

Muresan claims the Romanians’ right to study and work in Europe was obtained after the accession to the EU and this should not be questioned by any politician.

“The freedom of movement, the right to work and study anywhere in Europe is a fundamental freedom the Romanian people has obtained after the accession to the EU,” Muresan wrote on Facebook.

The MEP says Romanians working abroad have left the country due to poverty and the Finance Minister cannot take away their right to a better life.

“The Finance Minister, the Government should create better conditions for Romanians in the country, not to ban them from living a better life somewhere else,” he added.

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