Fin Min Teodorovici: Solidarity tax will be applied to all pensions exceeding a certain ceiling, not only to special pensions

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The future solidarity tax planned by PSD would apply not only to special pensions, but to all large pensions exceeding a certain ceiling which is to be decided, Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici said on Tuesday for

He said that the tax would not apply only to special pensions, because there may be problems of constitutionality. The minister specified that the package of decisions include the ceiling above which the pensions will be considered high so that they are taxed, as well as the percentage of the solidarity tax.

“It is about all pensions, because it has to be constitutional. We discuss the ceiling and the percentage, they’ll be decided together,” Teodorovici said, answering a question from HotNews.

Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici announced on Monday that the sitting of the PSD National Executive Committee decided, in principle, upon a ceiling of RON 10,000 for special pensions, those exceeding this amount will be subject to “solidarity tax”.

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